Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Special: Oreo Pie

Kraft buying Cadbury has to be a good thing. It has made Oreo cheap and widely available in India and I hope that they start producing other range of craft products here too.

My sister and I were obsessing over Oreo's since their recent launch. We would find just about any occasion to buy them. While thinking about making an Oreo inspired dessert, I thought of cheesecake, and while looking for recipes I found this by the Purple Foodie.

The recipe calls for Philadelphia cream cheese which is available in India (supermarkets like Hypercity) but costs a bomb (Rs.400 for 8 ounces). So I decided to make it for the big lunch I made for my friends and also thought it would be fit for mother's day.

Why Mother's Day? Well because after tasting it, my mother who was in a migraine induced half sleep stage, got up and came to me all bright eyed to tell me how awesome it was.

Oreos: 45 (I ate 3-4 while preparing the dessert)
8 ounces/ 226gms Cream Cheese
200ml whipping cream
1/4cup melted butter
1/2 cup caster sugar


  • Crush around 28 cookies.( Make sure there aren't any big pieces left. Use a mixer is necessary.) Mix with butter and line the dish. 
  • Beat the cream cheese with the sugar till it is fluffy
  • Whip the whipping cream and add it
  • Mix in the rest of the crushed cookies
  • Pour in the dish and let it set for about 4-5 hours
Make sure you use Philly cream cheese as it gives a slight sour taste to the pie, which is just heavenly. 

Eat, serve and enjoy. Also, you will love the compliments which will come your way.


  1. sounds absolutely yummy!!!!when am i getting to taste this???

  2. @Aks: when MICA lets us cook in the mess!

  3. first time here.....

    this looks awesome and interesting....

    u have a wonderful space, with interesting recipes, glad to follow u :)

    visit my space when u find time...

  4. @Aruna: thank you so much! Hope to see you around.
    And i'll visit soon!

  5. This is awesome, Shreya!!!!! I just discovered your food blog and I sooo approve of everything you have here!!!

  6. @Adya: Thank you! Hopefully you will make some of these while at NYU, instead of ordering take out.

  7. Mascarpone's all I have at home. Can I use that instead of Philadelphia Cream? If you say yes, I am making this right away!

  8. Scrumptious recipe. Girl how do I follow your blog? I can't seem to find GFC button anywhere. Is RSS feed the only way?

    1. This new format has me stumped as well. I know Google reader and the RSS feed can be inconvenient but as soon as I have time I will pimp this up a bit, write code so it is more user friendly


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