Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Sandwich!

Sunday's dawn nice and bright, and in my house it usually means a big egg-y breakfast. It is my job every Sunday to ensure that every member of my family has had a hearty breakfast, made to suit their tastes.

I prefer to start every Sunday (or any other holiday for that matter) with my "Sunday Sandwich".

It is basically an egg sandwich but spruced up with some veggies and coriander (dhaniya) chutney. 

First off, cut the vegetables you would like in your sandwich. I prefer Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Capsicum (green peppers).

Next toast bread, I prefer brown bread, because the slices are bigger and it is apparently healthier. 
Fry an egg. You can have it sunny side up, or sunny side down. I like mine to be done on both side but when you cut into it it should be nice and gooey. 

To assemble your sandwich, just butter the slices, layer your veggies and then add chutney on the veggies. I prefer not spreading chutney  on toast as it makes it soggy. Then put your egg fry on top. 

The sandwich is pretty big. You have to open your mouth fully and then try to take a bite.

Optional: you can add chaat masala on top of the veggies. I add salt and pepper to the egg while cooking it.

This sandwich is very filling. I can easily go without food for three hours after having this for breakfast.

So would you try my sunday sandwich? What are your favourite breakfast foods?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not a Food Snob

I am a student, living with my parents in Bombay (ok, New Bombay). I have an allowance and all the produce at home is from the local vegetable guy. I don't have the luxury of buying organic foodstuffs because their price is just sky-high. I have to make do with the resources available to me.

In short, I guess what I am trying to say is that, I cannot afford to be a food snob. I use perfectly normal veggies and flour. So any kind of recipe which requires me to use blue-berries or any other berries, to pay for which I may have to sacrifice an arm and a leg, just gets adapted to fit what I have at home. 

So instead of golden syrup, which Nigella uses all the time. I just use honey and sugar syrup. I suspect it is something which tastes like a mixture of the two. 

No pecans? Use walnuts. 

Of course in India we don't get a million varieties of apples. Just two, red and green. So while baking anything which asks you to use smith apples, just use ones which a hard. The results will not be the same but close. 

Living on a budget also puts constraints on where I eat out. I mean I would love to frequent amazing restaurants which use A-grade ingredients, but I can't. Not all the time. So I like places which offer good food at a decent price. Though food is one thing I don't mind spending on, but Bombay can get extremely expensive and till I start earning such luxuries can wait. 

Where do you all eat? Any place you would like me to review or eat at?  

Friday, February 18, 2011

I read, I bake!

I am a recipe book whore! There I said it.

I know that someday, when I have the money, I will own a huge recipe book collection. I cook from them often. There is no denying that, but some of them just speak to you. Some appeal to you with their pictures and some with some never-fail recipes.

These are my go-to for when I bake:

The first from L-R is Great Cakes by Womans day and White wings. The book starts with familiarising you with the equipment, then teaching you how to do make some frosting and cake decorations. The cakes are divided by category into classic, seasonal, novelty etc. Most of the recipes call for the use of White Wings self raising flour, but the regular ones you get at any store would do. I must confess I have never used any recipes from this book, no particular reason, but it has the prettiest pictures. No book with pretty picture of cakes can be bad right?

The next sans it's red cover is Favourite Cake Recipes by Family Circle. I couldn't find this book for over two years and I thought I had lost it forever. The first cake I baked was from this, chocolate fudge cake, I remember how sinfully awesome it was and how Aditi and I had distributed it to everyone in the society for Christmas. Sigh!

The third and a birthday gift is Sanjeev Kapoor's Cakes and Bakes everyone in India knows of this always smiling and amazing chef who taught India how to cook with Khana Khazana. His recipes are fail-proof! Just follow them to the T and even if you think you have screwed up (unless you have forgotten to add something crucial like flour) his cakes will always, always turn out to be amazing. It also helps that there is a smiley at the bottom of every recipe stating the difficulty level - Easy, Moderate and Hard.

I do have a list of book I would love to have. Nigella tops the list. Her book is like a person, breathing, alive and even though a lot of her recipes have meat, I love the way she writes. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't let the dull weather get you down, mac 'n' cheese it up!

So, my sister threw a fit yesterday about wanting to eat Mac 'n' Cheese, after watching it on Masterchef USA (more about Masterchef USA later). In India you don't get packaged Mac 'n' Cheese that easily. I know it is available at those high funda hypermarts, but food out of a box hasn't been my thing.

So I made her MnC (it is too long to type) with plain pasta, white sauce and cheese. I added some shredded processed cheese to the white sauce and sprinkled some on top while it was baking and well, it was quite cheesy. Not as cheesy and trans-fat filled as packaged ones but enough for me.

Well, this post is not about the Mac n Cheese, it is about how the weather in Mumbai became sad, dull and over clouded today. Being a summer/spring person, I was put off immediately. So I pulled out the left over MnC and jazzed it up with left over tomato soup (home-made) and blitzed some watermelon to make a pulpy juice and I was set to chow in front of the laptop.

I think soups and pasta make a wonderful combo. If you are in no mood to boil the pasta and make sauce, just dunk pasta in while you make some instant soup (tomato or vegetable cream) and add cheese and some pepper you have your very own cheesy pasta.

This kind-of recipe is meant only for those of you who think any pasta with cheese is good enough. 

Presenting... a big foodie, an amateur cook and blogger... the one and only...

Me. Shreya Sridhar.

Hello world! I am the new entrant in the tasty world of food bloggers.

Why? Because I love food and talk and think about it constantly, so why not blog about it? Also, I have had blogs before (don't go looking for them, they have been deleted) and I wanted to have one where I can wax eloquent about my first love, food.

What will I write about? Restaurants I like or don't. Food I cook. Recipes by my family.

Pictures? They will be mediocre. I don't own a super expensive high-funda camera. Just a digital one, with kick-ass zoom. Till I can afford an awesome camera, everyone will just have to make do with the one I have.

Why blogger? I have been on Wordpress and Tumblr. But the new changes that Blogger has brought about just got me so excited!

And with this I enter the Blog-o-sphere with my blog about food.