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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't let the dull weather get you down, mac 'n' cheese it up!

So, my sister threw a fit yesterday about wanting to eat Mac 'n' Cheese, after watching it on Masterchef USA (more about Masterchef USA later). In India you don't get packaged Mac 'n' Cheese that easily. I know it is available at those high funda hypermarts, but food out of a box hasn't been my thing.

So I made her MnC (it is too long to type) with plain pasta, white sauce and cheese. I added some shredded processed cheese to the white sauce and sprinkled some on top while it was baking and well, it was quite cheesy. Not as cheesy and trans-fat filled as packaged ones but enough for me.

Well, this post is not about the Mac n Cheese, it is about how the weather in Mumbai became sad, dull and over clouded today. Being a summer/spring person, I was put off immediately. So I pulled out the left over MnC and jazzed it up with left over tomato soup (home-made) and blitzed some watermelon to make a pulpy juice and I was set to chow in front of the laptop.

I think soups and pasta make a wonderful combo. If you are in no mood to boil the pasta and make sauce, just dunk pasta in while you make some instant soup (tomato or vegetable cream) and add cheese and some pepper you have your very own cheesy pasta.

This kind-of recipe is meant only for those of you who think any pasta with cheese is good enough.