Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First date and first time at Indigo Deli

Hello beautiful people!

I feel so good typing out this post. I know this blog has been silent for a while, but PG had me swamped. I can't cook there and every time we go out to eat, we are so ravenous that the food disappears before it touches the table, so I have no time for pictures.

But, I am home for a week and have made plans to eat out and cook, so there shall be posts!

So, last night was my first date with him. And he took me out to Indigo Deli, Colaba. We didn't go for dinner, but reached around 6. The place is beautiful, with wooden furnishings, and amazing lighting. Very date like!

The menu is more than amazing. If you think vegetarians have not much of a choice there, relax! Because we do. Though limited the options are good and there is a variety.

We ordered an Oreo and Vanilla smoothie (for me) and a Peach Ice Tea (for him).
The smoothie was very good. "It hit a spot" according to him. The Oreo after taste was just right, not too overpowering. The Ice tea was good. You could taste the Peach in it.

We then ordered;

Charred asparagus, peppers and feta in whole wheat roomali roti with argula and tomato chutney. 
This dish tasted very good. The asparagus was well done, the feta complimented the lightly flavoured vegetables well, but the chutney tended to make the whole thing a little soggy. It was falling apart, but at one point the peppers squished down my chin.

On the whole, a very good dish. Plus it had feta!

Roasted vegetables, mushrooms, garlic, spinach and swiss cheese grilled in brown bread and tomato garlic chutney. 
The mushrooms overpowered the taste of the vegetables in this one. I hardly could taste the garlic. when I broke down the sandwich the individual components tasted good, but that isn't the point of a sandwich is it?

Roasted vegetable and cheddar quiche.
This quiche stole the show. Bards should sing about this. We both were rendered speechless after the first bite. So cheddar binds everything and elevates the taste of the vegetables to a whole new level of awesomeness. The crust! Oh my god the crust! After bearing the weight of such cheesy awesomeness it still managed to be crisp and light. It was amazingly flaky and buttery.

Lemon cheese pie.
The cheese was light and dense, I am guessing it was because of the egg whites they probably whipped into it. The lemon taste was the right amount of sour and sweet. The crust balanced the whole pie out perfectly. It was crumbly and beautiful.

Overall the whole experience was beautiful. The food and ambience amazing and the company even better.
I urge you all to go there, but it is on the expensive side.

Highly recommend it to guys who want to impress a foodie. It is definitely the way into her heart.

P.S  When I say "we ordered" I mean I ordered. ;)

P.P.S Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I didn't take me camera along, this is what my phone could do.