Friday, April 8, 2011

Celebration: Devil's Food cakcupcakes with an Oreo icing

After an year of studying for and dreaming about my post-graduation I have finally managed to secure admission to MICA! I was am still ecstatic and can't believe I will be moving out in around 2 months.

I knew I had to celebrate, even though I am supposed to be studying for my exams. Celebration is equivalent to baking for me, and my new muffin tray was calling out to me to be used. Also the fact that Oreos are now cheaply available here, and have caught my recent fancy, meant that I just had to bake cupcakes with something Oreo.

I decided to bake a Devil's Food cake cupcake with a Butter Cream Oreo icing.

For my cupcakes I used my trusty-never-fail-go-to-guy, Sanjeev Kapoor. Here's the recipe from his site.

The baking time for cupcakes was around 20 minutes. It really depends on your oven. They were the softest cakes i have ever had/baked. they felt like cotton when I took them out. 

A good thing about them is that, post refrigeration they get your slightly dense cupcakes consistency. Also, I think if the cakes are so soft you can go ahead and add hidden surprises in the cupcakes, like mini-oreos, chocolates, chocolate chips without altering the recipe at all. 

I made the Butter Cream Oreo Icing myself. 

As you all can see I suck at icing. I couldn't find my piping bag and any ziplock bags, so had to be content with smearing icing onto them with a spatula. 

Here is the recipe:

7 oreos (or 1 small packet)
100 grams salted or unsalted butter (I used salted)
4 tbsps of icing sugar (I am sure normal powdered sugar will do just as well)

  • Cream the butter and sugar till they are creamy and light
  • powder oreos in your mixer/food processor/beat them by hand to desired crumbliness
  • Mix Oreo and butter mix 

It really is that simple. This icing is really rich. If you want a lighter one you can add egg whites to it. 

My family and friends gobbled them up in no time. 

I also got a big envelope (they couldn't find a bag) full of assorted chocolates from my friends. I guess they know what exams do to me. 

I can't wait for the farewell parties to begin. ;)

So, what are your recent food obsessions?

P.S: A shoutout to Siddhartha for the header. I will send a lot of cupcake love your way. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Red, chai and chocolate covered digestives

This is going to be an apology post for this month. My exams start on the 18th. They aren't just any ordinary end of the year exams, but they are my final year university exams. So I have to study, which means less cooking, less blogging and more eating and cramming my head with eco stuff.

There are a few saving graces to my situation. The first I spotted while out grocery shopping with my mum.

These gorgeously red and plump chillies caught my eye and I just had  to buy them. They look like something out of Nigella's kitchen. I really don't know what to do with them. I know Nigella used them in an omlette once, but I feel they deserve a better fate. They can't be that hot, being so plump, I am open to any suggestions except pickling them. 

Being a coffee hating Tamilian (I know, also let me assure you I am not the only one. My Best Friend, Paro also happens to be one) I survive on tea. I am not addicted to it no, just like to have one or two huge mugs a day. After, my recent purchase of cinnamon powder, I have started adding it to my tea as well. 

Guess who is best friends with cinnamon tea? Digestives of course! I like Mcvite's much more than Brittania because of its crumbly texture. 

I am sure all fellow fans of Love Actually will remember Hugh Grant asking for chocolate biscuits. Well according to Vir Sanghvi he was asking for chocolate covered digestives (check a month or two old HT Brunch for confirmation). Now, I didn't know they even existed, not being a big fan of shopping at international stores because they make me want to buy everything, so I was pleasantly surprised. I proceeded to make my own chocolate covered digestives by melting dark chocolate in a double boiler with some butter. They are cooling in the fridge now. 

I also would like to leave you all with a list of things you can expect next month:
  • culinary adventures in Coorg
  • a post on the Irani cafes in Bombay
  • the best chaat in Navi Mumbai
I will try to post more this month, but studies are priority. 

Don't forget to suggest what I should do with those chillies.