Monday, May 2, 2011

how we celebrate the end of exams.

The exams are over! I am almost a graduate now, with only a marksheet between me and my degree.

We girls went slightly mad post exams. And what do we do when we go mad? We eat.

Here is what I ate the last two days.

clockwise from left top: Sprouts and green salad with feta cheese at KGC; Homemade Pizza; Penne Pesto; Oreo Pie
The salad was at Kala Ghoda Cafe, which was brilliant! I loved the Feta cheese. 

The rest three I made at home for my girlfriends. Recipes to follow!  


  1. Can you find and post the recipe for the kala ghoda salad? It was just plain awesome!

  2. Vasu: i am sure it was just a mixture of some veggies with a vinaigrette. if you want i will do a post on vinaigrette soon.


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